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Getting Started

To observe transiting planets, you need a telescope with an accurate clock drive, a CCD camera, and appropriate computer software.

Observers who obtain photometry of known transiting planets should consider submitting their light curves to the TRESCA database of the Czech Astronomical Society. The transitsearch.org site currently functions primarily as an ephemeris information service.

Transitsearch updates are now broadcast on Twitter. To subscribe to the feed, visit http://twitter.com/Transitsearch.

Transitsearch.org works closely with the NASA/IPAC/NExScI Star and Exoplanet Database (NStED), which contains a wealth of information and data for planet-bearing stars.

The American Association of Variable Star Observers maintains a variety of very useful resources for those interested in getting started in high-precision photometry.

Bruce Gary is an experienced observer of transiting extrasolar planets, and was a member of the XO network, which has had made several discoveries of new transiting planets. Bruce has written a book, Exoplanet Observing for Amateurs which he's made available for free in .pdf form.

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